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Ealing Council is making a horrible mistake.

They are closing down the only respite centre this borough has for children with severe special needs and sending these very vulnerable children out to other boroughs - we do not know where, and neither do they.

They do not have to make this mistake - we feel there is another option for children in Ealing.

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What is Heller House?

Heller House is a residential children’s home in Southall, which provides a short break for young people with complex disabilities from 10 to 18 years old living in Ealing.

Young people who go to Heller House go for overnight stays. There are many activities at Heller. There is an extensive garden with a climbing frame, slide, swings, a basket swing, a wheelchair accessible roundabout and a trampoline. There is an art room, a computer room, a large play room, a sensory room and a lounge and dining room. These are all available on the ground floor which is wheelchair accessible.  There are nine bedrooms, four on the ground floor.

Heller House and the service it offers is under threat of closure, and while we agree that the building is not fit for purpose  - being a century old and designed for residential purposes - we do not agree that a complete closure of the service is in the best interests for the parents and carers of Ealing who rely on the support Heller House offers.